"I could not pick up and straighten my right arm. I now have flexibility and more movement. My therapist (Matthew) is the best!! He takes his time to explain things! I did not have any issues with my treatment, scheduling or insurance. You guys are great! Lastly, it's important for you to know you have the best people representing Sapp's, people that actually care about others. And I wish to thank each and every one of you for your help!"
Katie Salyer
"I could not move my shoulder. I was in constant pain. Now, no more pain! My therapist (Cameron) is super! I am very pleased with the therapy I am receiving."
Dallas D. Walker
"My therapist is very good and nice and handsome, really! The people here are very, very, very nice, caring and outgoing with their patients. I would recommend everyone that needs therapy here. The receptionist is very nice too (Kelly)."
Frances Martin
"I could not do much with my right arm. I am seeing improvements already. My therapist is excellent (Matthew). I know Sapp's is willing to work with me and understand my problems and realize that I want to get better so that my pain goes away."
Willie Northcutt
"I donít know how to say this, but I donít want to stop coming. I now want to become a physical therapist based on my experience at Sappís. When I first came, my ankle would keep turning and was not strong. Sometimes it would just give out while I was walking. I was not pitching very well. My ankle is SO much stronger than it was. Now I donít have to worry about it affecting how I play baseball. I can run and play games with my friends, run on the treadmill, the road and around the bases without sitting out."

Caitlin Greer, 14 years old
"I was on my way to surgery when luckily a friend recommended me to Cameron at Sapp's. After three visits, I could tell a difference, and now I'm 95% better. I would recommend them to any one."
Terry Miller

"When I first began therapy I thought that I'd never be able to reach into my cabinet or reach into the refrigerator to grab a gallon of milk. Praise the Lord, I can do these things and much more. Thanks for the encouragement and execllent therapy. I couldn't have done it without you."

Becky C.
"Due to the pain in my neck and shoulder I had stopped riding motorcross. After the physical therapy with Brad, I started riding again and have not experienced the same problems"
Scott S.

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